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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does the MPDR's prescription information come from? 
    All pharmacies holding an active Montana license, with the exception of Wholesale Drug Distributors, are required to report to the MPDR. They must submit detailed information on all controlled substances, Schedule II, III, IV and V drugs, dispensed to Montana residents by no later than close of the next business day after the date of dispensing the controlled substance. Indian Health Services and Veterans Administration also submit prescription data to the MPDR. 

    Can someone besides a provider or pharmacist access the MPDR?
    An Authorized Agent/Delegate can access the MPDR with approval from a MPDR Supervisor.
    A patient can request a copy of their own prescription history with this linked form.
    Board Licensing Investigators and Law Enforcement can request information with an investigative subpoena.

  • How do I know if I am registered with the MPDR?

    Your MPDR registration status is available on your license certificate by logging in to your account. It is also available on public licensee look up.

    Why do I have to change my password so often?

    State of Montana information security standards require passwords to be changed every 60 days. If you let your password expire, it does not deactivate your account, you would need to reset your password the next time you log in. 

    Why is my PMP AWARxE account still pending?
    All new accounts will need to verify their email address by clicking on the link in the email from PMP AWARxE. The state administrator cannot approve an account if the email address has not been verified.
    Provider and pharmacist accounts will auto-approve if all the information in the registration matches the Montana State Licensing Database including the full professional license number. (i.e. MED-PHYS-LIC-1234). If the information does not match, the state administrator will need to manual approve or deny the registration request. 
    Delegate accounts will always require state administrator approval. 

    How do I add my DEA or NPI number to my MPDR account?
    Providers or pharmacists can add their own DEA and/or NPI numbers when they first create their account. If you need to add these numbers to an existing account, please contact the state administrator at or 406-841-2240.

    How does a provider/pharmacist working for Tribal Health, V.A. or I.H.S. register for the MPDR without a Montana license number?
    Providers or pharmacists working for the above agencies can submit this linked form to to request access to the MPDR.


  • How do I submit data to the MPDR? 
    Pharmacies and other facilities dispensing prescriptions submit prescription data in ASAP 4.2A format or higher through the PMP Clearinghouse. Please see the Montana PMP Clearinghouse Quick Reference Guide for information on creating a Clearinghouse account. The Data Submission Guide for Dispensers is a comprehensive guide on submitting data to the Clearinghouse.

    How do I attest that my pharmacy will never dispense controlled substances?
    Facilities\pharmacies that do not dispense controlled substances can submit the linked form to .  Facilities must continue to submit zero reports until the request is approved.  

    How do I know if my pharmacy's submission are being accepted?
    Confirmation emails are sent to the email address on file for the pharmacy's Clearinghouse account. To add users to this confirmation email list, please see "7.1 Adding Users to Your Upload Account" in the Data Submission Guide for Dispensers. Confirmation emails will also identify any errors in the data submission. Log in to the pharmacy's Clearinghouse account to correct any identified errors by the next business day. Please see "5.3 Error correction" in the Data Submission Guide for Dispensers or MPDR Error Correction Tip Sheet for more information on correcting errors. 

    Who must correct upload errors and how?

    PICs are responsible for insuring errors are corrected within 7 days of error notification. Error notifications are sent to your Clearinghouse account users after every submission. Please see "5.3 Error correction" in the Data Submission Guide for Dispensers or MPDR Error Correction Tip Sheet for more information on correcting errors. 

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