Montana Board of Pharmacy

MPDR Data Submitter (Clearinghouse)

MPDR Laws/Rules

Overview of the MPDR Statutes and Rules

What statutes and rules govern the MPDR? The Montana Patient Safety Act is Title 37, Chapter 7, Part 15 (§37-7-15 MCA). The Administrative Rules are Title 24, Chapter 174, Subchapter 17 (ARM, 24.174.17). 

Who administers the MPDR? The Montana Board of Pharmacy is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the MPDR (§37-7-1502 MCA). The Board of Pharmacy is administratively attached to the Department of Labor and Industry. 

What is a controlled substance? By Federal and State statute, prescription drugs are divided into Schedules, or categories, based upon the type of drug being prescribed. The MPDR lists Schedules II, III, IV and V drugs, which are typically the most addictive or the most-often abused drugs on the market. Montana’s drug schedules can be found in §50-32 MCA and ARM 24.174.1412.

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