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Medical Practitioner Dispenser

What is the purpose of the application?
The new Medical Practitioner Dispenser application through the Board of Pharmacy is available for medical practitioners who want to dispense prescription medications, within their scope of practice, directly to their own patients from their medical office or practice location in Montana, with the intent that patients take medications home and NOT have the prescription filled at a pharmacy. Instructions on how to apply are below under “Instructions.” Please read and understand the criteria below for this application to see if you qualify first.

This registration is NOT related to or needed for the following criteria:

  • Writing prescriptions for medications, including controlled substances, or related prescriptive authority license or renewal requirements
  • The Montana Prescription Drug Registry (MPDR) program and related mandatory registration and use requirements
  • Providing drug samples to patients
  • In-office administration of medications to patients
  • Inpatient practice locations
  • Emergency services and related dispensing managed through a pharmacy
  • Occasional dispensing of medications by a medical practitioner but not as a usual course of doing business
  • Pharmacies

Who is eligible to apply?  
Physicians, Dentists, Optometrists, Podiatrists, Physician Assistants, and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) with Prescriptive Authority are eligible to apply.  You must be located in Montana. See 37-2-101(7), MCA, for more information.

Why is there a new registration?
The Montana Board of Pharmacy is implementing a new dispenser registration based on Senate Bill 374 (2021), dispensing of drugs by medical practitioners, that was enacted into law during the 2021 Montana Legislative Session.  

Please see the eligibility questions below for the application to see if you qualify:    
1 - Is your medical office or practice location physically located in the State of Montana?
If no – You do not need to apply. You must have a physical dispensing location in the State of Montana to qualify for this license.

2 - Do you only write prescriptions for your patients to be filled at a pharmacy?
If yes – You do not need to apply. This registration is not needed for providing prescriptions to be filled at a pharmacy.

3 - Do you only provide drug samples to your patients from your practice location and/or is your dispensing limited to providing drug samples?
If yes – You do not need to apply. This registration is not needed for providing drug samples directly to your patients.

4 - Do you plan to dispense prescription medications directly to your patients from your medical office or practice location and NOT have the patient fill a prescription at a pharmacy?
If no - You do not need to apply. This registration is intended only for medical practitioners who dispense from their practice locations.

Instructions for how to apply
Visit our online portal at EBIZ.MT.GOV/POL. Click “Start a New License Application.” Choose “New Health Care License.” Then select “Pharmacy.” Then select the “Medical Practitioner Dispenser Application” and complete your application.

Statutes and Rules              
Registrants must comply with dispensing authority requirements outlined in statute and rule:

  • Statute: 37-2-104(1)-(7), MCA, Dispensing Of Drugs By Medical Practitioners – Registration – Exceptions.
  • Rules: ARM 24.174.1801, 1802, and 1803, Medical Practitioner Dispensing, issued by the Montana Board of Pharmacy regarding qualifications, dispenser requirements, and recordkeeping requirements.

For more information, please see this FAQ.

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