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The Montana Prescription Drug Registry (MPDR) program authorizes Registered Users (physicians, other prescribers, and pharmacists) to assign their MPDR search authority to one or more authorized agents (Delegates). An MPDR Delegate is authorized to search the MPDR when a patient is under the care of the Registered User who serves as their MPDR Supervising Provider.

MPDR Delegates

An authorized agent (Delegate) is a staff member who has been authorized to search the MPDR on behalf of one or more Supervising Providers. Delegates cannot search a patient’s history until the Supervising Provider has approved the Delegate Relationship. Each time a Delegate conducts an MPDR search, they are required to identify and select the Supervising Provider.

Each Delegate will need to create an MPDR account and identify an MPDR Supervisor when registering. Please see the MPDR PMP AWARxE User Guide - Delegate management for more details. 

MPDR Supervising Providers

MPDR Supervising Providers are Registered Users (physicians, other prescribers, and pharmacists) who assign their search authority to a delegate and are responsible for monitoring their Delegates’ search history to ensure proper use of the MPDR. MPDR Supervising Providers will need to re-verify all delegate relationships every September and March, no matter when the delegate was first approved.


MPDR PMP AWARxE User Guide- Delegate management

PMP AWARxE Support Center

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