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MPDR Integration Information

MPDR Integration Information

 What is Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), or Pharmacy Management System (PMS) Integration with the MPDR?
Integrating access to the MPDR database within an EHR/HIE/PMS provides a streamlined clinical workflow for MPDR Registered Users. The integration eliminates the need for Registered Users to log in separately to the MPDR web portal. Instead the EHR/HIE/PMS automatically initiates a patient search and returns a view of the patient’s prescription history report directly within the Registered User’s EHR/PMS.
The MPDR vendor, Appriss/Bamboo Health, provides integration utilizing a service called PMP Gateway. PMP Gateway facilitates communication, information transfer, integration development with EHR/HIE/PMS and support for the state approval process.
Please note: Not all EHR/HIE/PMS vendors are currently integrated. If your vendor is not integrated, please submit an integration request form and Appriss will work with your vendor to facilitate the development.
How does integration work?
It is important to note that there are key functional differences between the MT PMP AWARxE web portal and EHR/HIE/PMS integration. The goal for integration is to provide the key data elements to providers in a streamlined workflow.
Integration removes the need for a user to:
    1. Exit the EHR/HIE/PMS and go to
    2. Enter username and password
    3. Navigate to a patient request
    4. Enter a patient’s first name, last name, and date of birth
    5. Determine a date range to search
    6. Select which states to query
    7. Click ‘search’
Instead, the integration allows the above detail to perform an automated query to deliver a current patient prescription history report. MPDR integration is focused on delivering a streamlined workflow for prescribers and pharmacies to view patient prescription histories.
Please note: The following functions are only available in the MT PMP AWARxE web portal and not available within the EHR/HIE/PMS integration:               

  • Delegate access to conduct searches
  • Partial name search      
  • Searches that return multiple records   
  • MyRx       
  • Search history (including delegate search history)·      
  • Delegate management
  • User profile
  • All interstate data sharing options
  • Announcements     
  • Password reset       
  • Patient alerts 
Please note: Delegates, both unlicensed and licensed, are not able to access the MPDR via EHR/HIE/PMS integration. Delegates will continue to access MPDR data through the MT PMP AWARxE web portal at
How do I begin integration with the MPDR?
Visit the Customer Connect portal at:
  • Click Create an Account in the top righthand corner.
  • Login and follow the on-screen prompts to provide the needed information for your integration request.
  • Sign all necessary agreements within the portal and complete your application. This includes an End User License Agreement (EULA).
Upon receipt of your completed application, Appriss/Bamboo Health will submit your request to the state for review and final approval. Upon state approval, credentials will be sent to your organization’s primary contact and/or your EHR/PMS vendor, per their onboarding process. A confirmation email will be sent to your healthcare organization’s primary point of contact.


  • Creating an account in Customer Connect is required to begin the integration process.
  • Only authorized decision makers should complete the request and documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to register for an MPDR account at if my EHR/HIE/PMS is integrated?
Yes. Any prescriber or pharmacist will still need to have an active account with the MPDR in order to view patient medication histories through integration. If you do not have an MPDR account, you will not be able to access the MPDR through your EHR/HIE/PMS.  

Why can’t delegates access the MPDR through integration?
Integration streamlines the patient medication query process so prescribers and pharmacists do not have to delegate their search authority to an authorized agent. Prescribers and pharmacists can directly view a patient medication history during their clinical workflow.  

What if I use a vendor that hasn’t integrated with Appriss’ Gateway program?
Appriss can work with your vendor to develop a connection to the their PMP software. Please submit the PDMP Integration request form to Appriss to start the process.

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