Montana Board of Nursing

NURSYS is a national Nurse Licensure Data Source which can be used to view information on licensed nurses in any state including Montana.
Licensure QuickConfirm provides online license lookup reports to employers and the general public.

Primary source equivalent: The NURSYS licensure and disciplinary database is the repository of the data provided directly from Montana State Board of Nursing and is primary source equivalent.

What information will I receive in the Licensure QuickConfirm Report?

Employers and the general public can obtain online license lookup reports through Licensure QuickConfirm. It provides:

  • Nurse's Name
  • Licensed Jurisdiction
  • License Type
  • License Number
  • Compact Status (Single State, Multistate, N/A; Not Applicable for Non-Compact States)
  • If License is Active
  • License Original Issue Date
  • License Expiration Date
  • Discipline Against License
  • Discipline Against Privilege to Practice
  • Discipline Board Order if Provided by the Jurisdiction
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