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  • From the Quick Links Menu you can choose the appropriate license type from the choices and apply online which can streamline the process.  You can also go to Licensure Information to find the license types to apply by a paper application. If you have licensing questions, please contact the Customer Service Team at and 406-444-6880.
  • Yes. According to ARM 24-159-2301(1)(b), all nurses shall notify the board office of any change in address within ten days of the change. Failure to notify the board of an address change may result in a fine.

    To change your address: Go to Quick Links on the front page of the website to submit the form for an address change. 

  • No. The Board of Nursing does not require that you change your name. 

    To change your name: Click on  Forms on the left-hand menu, choose Name Change Form from the choices on the left, complete the Name Change Request Form, save or print the form. Submit your request either by email to, by mail to: Montana Board of Nursing, PO Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513, or fax your request to 406-841-2305. Include one of the following with your request: a copy of your social security card or drivers license reflecting your new name, or a copy of the legal document changing your name (marriage license, divorce decree, etc).

  • No. The Board of Nursing does not require that you have a copy of your license on file with your employer, in fact, the Board would discourage this practice as official verification of your license should come from the Board’s online verification system either through the Montana Licensee Lookup system at or the national system through (Quick Confirm).
  • I have recently had a baby and would like to stay home for a few years. Am I required to work a specific number of hours or maintain CE credits to keep my license active?

    You do not have to work a certain number of hours to keep your license active. But you will need to have 24 contact hours every 2 years to maintain an active LPN, RN or APRN license. A random audit of licensees will be performed to determine compliance with these rules. See Nursing Subchapter 21 Renewals and Continuing Education at the Administrative Rules at the Regulations Menu.

  • You do not need to worry about having a paper copy of your license.  An employer or reference can verify your license through two online systems: the Montana Licensee Lookup system at or the national system through (Quick Confirm). The Board encourages use of the online system and not keeping a paper copy of your license as there have been instances in which a paper copy of a license was altered and used to falsify an actual license.
  • I am moving from Montana to a state which has compact licensure. Do I need to obtain licensure in that state?

    The Montana Board of Nursing is a compact state, effective October 1, 2015. If Montana is your primary state of residence, you may work in other compact states under your Montana multistate privilege. If you are permanently moving to another compact state and that state will be your primary state of residence, you will need to apply for licensure in that state as soon as that state becomes your home state.

  • Yes. Anytime you are providing nursing services to persons residing in Montana, either in person or via telehealth, you are required to hold an active Montana Nursing license or a multistate privilege to practice in Montana.
  • I am applying for licensure in another state. How do I obtain a license verification from the Board of Nursing?

    The Board of Nursing is a participant of Nursys, an online national verification system. All information, including licensure, education and discipline, are reported weekly. Register with Nursys at Inform the licensing specialist in the state where you are trying to obtain licensure know that you have registered with Nursys, and the licensing specialist in that state can obtain verification from the Nursys website.

  • I would like a copy of the rules and statutes (considered the Nurse Practice Act) for the Montana Board of Nursing. How do I get a copy?

    The Nurse Practice Act is considered to be both the statutes and administrative rules of the Board of Nursing. Click on Regulationstab, and choose either Statute or Administrative Rules, where you will be linked to the official version of either the statute or administrative rule. The Board does not provide printed copies of the statutes or administrative rules. 

  • I would like to attend the next Board of Nursing meeting. May I attend? How do I know when it is? Can I request a topic be added to the agenda?

    The Board of Nursing meetings are all open to the public.  You are able to attend in person or may listen via phone conference.  To review the meeting agendas, click on Board Information, and choose Board Meetings.  Then click on Scheduled and Proposed Meetings and a list of the types of meetings, dates, agendas, and minutes are available.

    To request an item be added to the agenda, contact the Board's Executive Director, at 406-841-2300,, or send a letter to the board office at Board of Nursing, PO Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513.  

  • Yes. Lists are available for purchase and can be sorted by license type, license status, statewide, out-of-state, or county. Go to Licensure, then Download List of Licensees. You are able to choose your search criteria and see the fee prior to downloading the list.
  • Yes. Anytime you know of an infraction of the Board of Nursing rules, you are required to file a complaint. From the Board website: go to Complaints and you will find all the information you need to file a complaint. Failure to do so may be violating the Board’s administrative rule 24.159.2301 Conduct of Nurses.
  • To file a complaint, under the heading Complaints, you can review the complaint process and download the complaint form.  For more information on how to report, 406-841-2238, email at, or mail to Board of Nursing, Attn: Compliance Dept., PO Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513.
  • I am a licensed nurse in Montana and am in the Military Reserves/National Guard. I have been called to active service. What do I need to do to ensure that my license continues to be valid?

    The Board of Nursing does not require that you report your activation. However, as stated in 37-1-138, MCA, if you wish to have your renewal fees waived, you must provide the board office a copy of your activation papers and request that your license be placed on inactive status. Upon return from active duty, you must provide the board office with a copy of your discharge documents. At this time the board office will evaluate your documents and notify you of the next step.  Alternatively, you may also request the Board make you able to renew early by emailing

  • All RN, LPN, and APRN licenses expire on December 31st every two years. Medication Aide I and II licenses expire on March 31st annually.
  • You may renew your license up to 2 years after the expiration date, but you will be charged a late fee. At Forms, you will find the form to complete for renewal and submit a check or money order. You are also able to renew online by using the Quick Links - Renew Online and login in with your User Name and Password. If you do not know your User Name or Password, please contact 406-444-6880. If your license has been expired for longer than 2 years, you must reapply for licensure.
  • Montana law states that “[c]riminal convictions shall not operate as an automatic bar to being licensed to enter any occupation in the state of Montana.  No licensing authority shall refuse to license a person solely on the basis of a previous criminal conviction; provided however, where a license applicant has been convicted of a criminal offense and such criminal offense relates to the public health, welfare, and safety as it applies to the occupation for which the license is sought, the licensing agency may, after investigation, find that the applicant so convicted has not been sufficiently rehabilitated as to warrant the public trust and deny the issuance of a license” (37-1-203, Montana Code Annotated).
  • I am an administrator of an out-of-state nursing program, does this program need approval from the Board?

    No, your program does not need approval from the MT Board of Nursing to admit MT students. Your program ONLY needs to seek Board approval if you are arranging for a clinical experience in MT for your students. IF your program leads to initial licensure as an LPN or RN, then you need to seek approval using this rule: ARM 24.159.608. IF your program is an RN to BSN or graduate level nursing program, you DO NOT NEED to have approval from the Board to provide clinical experiences in MT. You DO NEED to make sure the student has an active license in MT as these clinical experiences are providing nursing care to MT patients. Your faculty members will also need a MT license IF they are providing direct patient care as part of their responsibility as an instructor. Providing patient care can be by direct hands on methods or through teleconferencing. Instructors who are consulting with the student and preceptor about the learning experience and are not providing direct patient care do not need a MT nursing license.

  • I live in Montana but go to a school in another state. Am I still able to fulfill my clinical requirements in Montana facilities?

    The Board of Nursing requires the nursing program for the student seeking to fulfill their clinical hours in Montana facilities enrolled in programs outside of the state submit a request in writing to the Board. See ARM 24.159.608 for specific instructions and requirements to make the request to the Board. This rule ONLY applies to nursing programs leading to initial licensure as an RN or LPN, not RN to BSN programs or graduate programs.

  • I live in Montana but went to school in Canada because the school was closer. Am I considered an Internationally Educated applicant?

    Yes. Anytime an applicant is educated outside of the United States they are considered to be internationally educated and must complete all requirements of an internationally educated applicant. See ARM 24.159.1029 for PN applicants and ARM 24.159.1229 for RN applicants.

  • When you have graduated from an approved nursing program, you will need to complete the Board of Nursing examination application and register with Pearson VUE. You may find the application and instructions at License Information, and choose the appropriate license type from the left. To register for the NCLEX visit
  • An applicant for licensure by examination can take the NCLEX at ANY Pearson VUE testing site. The applicant need NOT take the NCLEX at the Montana sites in Helena or Billings to be licensed in Montana. You will work with Pearson VUE to determine the testing site and time to take the NCLEX exam. To register for the NCLEX visit
  • Refer to the Board of Nursing statute 37-8-102 Definition (8b) to review this role specific to a long-term care facility.
  • No. The Board of Nursing does not require that you relinquish your LPN license when you are granted an RN license.

    Phone: 406-444-6880 for Licensing questions.  For questions related to practice, rules, or education call the Executive Director at 406-841-2380.

    Mail: Montana Board of Nursing, 301 S. Park Ave. 4th Floor, PO Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513.

  • When can my license be administratively suspended?

    During the 2015 Legislative Session, Senate Bill 76 was passed and entered into law effective July 1, 2015. The law allows for licensing boards and programs to administratively suspend a license for the following:

    1. Noncompliance with requirements for continuing education (CE), certification, reporting requirements, or other qualifications necessary for continued licensure as established by an audit,
    2. Failure to respond to an audit for CE, certification, or other qualifications necessary for continued licensure,
    3. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) in an account used to pay for an administrative fee, board or program fee, or fine,
    4. Reasonable grounds exist to believe the licensee did not possess the qualifications for initial issuance of the license, or
    5. Failure to comply with any term of a final order imposed by a licensing board or program.

    How can I keep my license from being administratively suspended?

    1. Comply with all continued licensure requirements, such as CE, certification, insurance, and reporting requirements.
    2. Keep your address and contact information up-to-date with the board or program in order to receive important information regarding your license and potential issues or audits you are asked to address. See Mont. Code Ann. § 37-1-309(2). You must notify the board or program in writing of any change in your address within 30 days of the change. You will not meet this obligation by relying on a postal forwarding address notification.
    3. If notified by your banking institution or credit card company that your licensing fees or payment to the board or program has failed, contact the board or program immediately to address the deficiency.
    4. Submit a complete application with all supporting documentation from the source as confirmation.
    5. Comply with all terms of a final order within the prescribed period.

    I received a Notice of Deficiency Determination that my license will be administratively suspended if I do not cure a deficiency within 60 days from the date of the letter. How do I correct this?

    Once a Notice of Deficiency Determination is sent to your most recent address on file with the board or program, you will have 60 days to cure the deficiency as indicated in the letter. You should contact the unit identified in the letter that processed your deficiency determination (such as the Audit, Compliance, or Fiscal unit) and immediately begin steps to cure the deficiency. You must submit a copy of the Notice of Deficiency Determination letter with the evidence that you have cured the deficiency prior to the 61st day or your license will be administratively suspended until the cure is accepted. Simply contacting the unit and providing partially or unacceptable evidence of curing the deficiency will not extend the 60 days.

    How do I get my administratively suspended license reinstated?

    You must submit a copy of the Notice of Deficiency Determination letter sent to you with proof of curing the deficiency along with a reinstatement fee of $200. If your administrative suspension was related to a NSF payment, you must submit a cashier’s check or money order for all fees. You may also be required to submit documents as evidence you have cured other types of deficiencies. If you satisfactorily cure the deficiency, your administratively suspended license will be transferred to the status prior to the administrative suspension, as long as you timely renew your license and are not otherwise subject to a restricted license status.

    How long will my license be on administrative suspension?

    After the 60-day opportunity to cure the deficiency, your license will be administratively suspended until you cure the deficiency and the license is current. If you fail to renew your administratively suspended license, the license will expire and eventually terminate. If you continue to renew your license, the license will remain administratively suspended until you cure the deficiency and comply with any additional qualifications for continued licensure.

    What is a non-sufficient funds (NSF) payment?

    A NSF payment is described as any of the following:

    1. overdraft,
    2. closed account,
    3. stopped payment,
    4. invalid credit card number or expiration date, or
    5. payment not authorized by customer.


    If I have a NSF payment, can I pay the amounts owed with a credit card or personal check?

    If you are curing a payment issue with the Business Standards Division (BSD) for a check or credit card used to pay a fee or fine and the payment was sent back as NSF, you will be required to pay both the original amount due and a $30 NSF fee with a money order or cashier’s check. If you are paying only the reinstatement fee and no other fees or fine, you may use a personal check.

    Will I have to renew my license while it is administratively suspended?

    You may renew your license for 50% of the license renewal fee to keep your license from expiring and eventually terminating. If you do not renew your license, the license will terminate two years after the license expiration date regardless of an administrative suspension in effect. If your license terminates, you may not reinstate the license. You must make a new original application based on current licensing qualifications. This may require you to meet additional education, examination, experience, or other requirements. If you cure a deficiency related to an administratively suspended license after the license has expired, you will be required to submit proof of continuing education, certification, or other qualifications for continued licensure. See Mont. Code Ann. § 37-1-131.

    Can I appeal the decision to administratively suspend my license?

    Yes. You must send a written request to the board or program so it can be placed on the next board meeting agenda or addressed by program staff. Along with your written request, you may provide any information you want the board or program to review. If you are not satisfied with the board’s or program’s final order, you may seek judicial review in district court. IMPORTANT: Due to the timing of board meetings, you may not be able to have the board review your appeal before the date your license is scheduled to be administratively suspended. The administrative suspension will automatically occur after the 60-day cure period, even if the board or program has not heard your appeal.

    What happens to my license while I appeal the decision?

    Your license will continue to be administratively suspended until you cure the deficiency that led to the suspension or until your appeal is successful.

    Will my administrative suspension be reported as disciplinary action or on Licensee Lookup?

    The license status of “administrative suspension” will appear on Licensee Lookup, or on any license verification issued by BSD, with a clear indication the matter is not connected to the delivery of services or based on competency of the licensee’s practice and is considered to be a technical or administrative violation rather than a disciplinary action. Staff will report administrative suspensions under federal regulations implementing database or data bank reporting using the same disclaimer.

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