Montana Board of Medical Examiners

Renewal Process

All Board of Medical Examiners licensees can renew online by using the "Renew License" Quick Link.
  • Physicians (MDs and Osteopaths) and Emergency Care Providers (EMR, EMT, AEMT, Paramedic)
  • Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Physician Assistants, Podiatrists
  • See ARM 24.156.409 (2) for the renewal fee schedule.
  • Renewal after a license's expiration date will automatically result in a 100% late fee, in addition to the renewal fee. Please renew your license on time to avoid additional fees.
  • "Inactive" status is the only "reduced price" status for a Montana Physician license. The current renewal fee for an Inactive license is $400, a discount of $100 from the $500 Active renewal fee. Changing an Inactive license to Active will require payment of the $100 differential before the status is changed.

    To place your license on Inactive status, all you need to do is send the Board an e-mail making that specific request. Before you do, however, there are some things you need to know about Inactive status:

    • You may not practice medicine in any form in Montana with an Inactive license. Inactive status is designed to be used for only one licensing period during which the Physician does not plan on practicing medicine in Montana.   
    • If you remain on Inactive status for more than two years and then request a return to Active status, the Board will ask whether you have held an Active license in another state and been active in clinical medicine during your Inactive period in Montana. ( Please see ARM 24.156.618.)
    • If you can demonstrate Active licensure and clinical practice elsewhere, your license can be returned to Active status. You'll be asked to pay any differential in fees between Inactive and Active status before the re-activation takes place.
    • If you have been completely inactive (no Active license, no clinical practice) for more than two years, your license cannot be returned to Active status until the Board speaks with you about a re-entry plan. The Board has several options for re-entry, including exams, specialty certification, supervised practice, residency/fellowship, etc.
  •  The $60 MPDR fee is assessed by the Board of Pharmacy, covers a two-year licensure period and applies to Physician (M.D. and D.O.), Physician Assistant and Podiatrist licensees with authority to prescribe controlled substances. This fee is authorized by MCA 37-7-1511 under laws governing the Board of Pharmacy. It was first assessed on Board of Medical Examiners licensees during the fall 2015 license renewal period.
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