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Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

NOTE: The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) Commission is not a committee, sub-committee, or other subdivision of the Montana Board of Medical Examiners.

For more information on the Compact, the IMLC Commission and/or the Board’s participation, contact Executive Officer Sam Hunthausen at: 406-444-6880 or

The Compact Commission's website is

Montana Physicians Can Apply to the Compact Commission for Licensure in Other State

Montana-licensed Physicians can apply to the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission and select Montana as the State of Principal License. This means Montana can issue a Letter of Qualification for licensure in other states within the Compact. Click  to review the Compact in Montana law

Please visit for information about applying, fees, etc.

Criminal background check: All Physicians wishing to receive a license via the Compact must submit fingerprints to the Montana Department of Justice and pay a $30.00 fee to that department. A Letter of Qualification cannot be issued until a state and federal criminal background check is completed. 

Click the button for more information onSubmitting Fingerprints, the criminal background check requirement, and other information about applying with Montana as your State of Principal License.

The Compact

In 2015, the Montana Legislature passed HB 429 which enabled Montana to enter a new interstate compact for the licensing of Physicians—the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact or IMLC. The Board of Medical Examiners supported that bill.

The Compact now is incorporated into MCA 37-3-356. The Governor is granted the power to appoint Montana’s commissioners in MCA 37-3-357. The Compact is governed by a Commission made up of two commissioners from each state that has entered the Compact. Montana’s commissioners, by appointment of the governor are:

  • Samuel Hunthausen of Helena, is the Executive Officer of the Board of Medical Examiners


For more information, visit

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