Montana Board of Medical Examiners

License Information

  • Board of Medical Examiners licensees have a full two months in which to make online license renewals. Those online licensure periods are:

    • February 1-March 31 for Physicians and ECPs
    • Sept. 2-Oct. 31 for Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Physician Assistants and Podiatrists
  • Renewals made after the expiration date will be subject to a 100% penalty under Department rules.

    If your mailing address has changed, please use the "Change Address" Quick Link in the right hand frame to access a change of address form. This will assure that you receive timely information about your renewal.

  • For Physicians (including Residents with DEA numbers) and Physician Assistants--the MPDR fee.

    When you renew your  license, you also will see an assessment for the Montana Prescription Drug Registry fee of $30/year ($60 for a two-year renewal.)

    All Montana licensees who are authorized to prescribe or dispense controlled substances in Scheduled II-V are required to pay a $30 annual fee for establishing and maintaining the Montana Prescription Drug Registry (MPDR): see Montana Code Ann. Sec. 37-7-1511 (1) effective July 1, 2015, as amended by the Montana Legislature. The MPDR is administered by the Board of Pharmacy. The MPDR Fee is collected as a separate fee as part of license renewal. Payment is required whether or not the licensee is physically located in Montana or uses the MPDR online program.

  • To use a paper application form, click the “Forms” tab and then use the link to “License Application Forms.” Then select your form from the choices shown.

     To apply for a license using the online application process, please use the "Apply for a License" Quick Link in the upper right hand portion of the page.

  • You can learn who is licensed in Montana through Licensee Lookup or by contacting the Board.
  • Licensees may request a written, official license verification by submitting a license verification request form and a $20.00 fee.   

    Physicians and physician assistants who want a Montana verification sent to another state medical board should use the VeriDoc service at

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