Montana Board of Medical Examiners

Medical Director Responsibilites & Education

The Montana Board of Medical Examiners requires medical direction at every level of EMT beyond the Basic EMT (including endorsements). The Board establishes requirements for the Medical Director. Below is the current administrative rule as adopted by the Board and published by the Montana Secretary of State.

The Board’s administrative rules on a medical director can be found here.


The Montana Board of Medical Examiners is providing all medical Directors an on-line Medical Director Educational Program to meet the training requirement. The program is flexible and allows you to go directly to the testing portion if you have previous Medical Direction experience and wish to complete the program by testing in lieu of taking the entire program.

It is hosted by the National Association of EMS Physicians.

In addition; FREE CME credits are available for you as well for successful completion.

Here is the training link:  Guide for Preparing Medical Directors

Once you have completed the web-based training program, you’ll need to send a copy of your course certificate to the Board, along with your application for ECP Medical Director endorsement.  Board staff will document your completion and your endorsement will show on your license. The endorsement application form is downloadable in the “Forms” section of the website, here:

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