Montana Board of Dentistry


  • The Board of Dentistry issues the following licenses:

    1. Dentist
    2. Dentist Volunteer
    3. Denturist
    4. Dental Hygienist
    5. Dental Hygienist Volunteer
  • You may change your address using this Form. Name changes must be requested in writing with documentation of the name change included (marriage license, divorce decree etc.). You can send this information to as an attachment, fax to 406-841-2305, or mail to Montana Board of Dentistry, 301 South Park, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513
  • An Important Message About the Application Process: The primary communication method for the Division is email. Make sure your email address is current in the database. Also keep your preferred mailing address current. You can update your email and mailing address by clicking on the "Change Address" link under  "Quick Links" on this Board of Dentistry website.

    Any application requiring review by the Board of Dentistry must be complete (all documents and required information received by the Board office) no later than 15 working days prior to the Board’s next meeting date. Please click on the "Board Events" link on the left to see upcoming meeting dates or check the  meeting dates in the right hand column on this web page under "Board Events" and plan accordingly. Please contact the application unit for questions specific to the application process at or (406) 444-6880.

  • Pursuant to 37-1-203, MCA, “Criminal convictions shall not operate as an automatic bar to being licensed to enter any occupation in the state of Montana. No licensing authority shall refuse to license a person solely on the basis of a previous criminal conviction; provided, however, where a license applicant has been convicted of a criminal offense and such criminal offense relates to the public health, welfare, and safety as it applies to the occupation for which the license is sought, the licensing agency may, after investigation, find that the applicant so convicted has not been sufficiently rehabilitated as to warrant the public trust and deny the issuance of a license.
  • While the Board is responsible for issuing and overseeing licenses, the actual Board Members do not review every single application. The Montana Department of Labor and Industry handles the administrative work of the Board including issuing standard licenses. However, if there is an application which requires specific attention or is a non-routine application pursuant to Board or Department rules, the Board members will consider those applicants at their meetings.
  • Please e-mail your request to join to . Upon receipt you will be added and then receive notifications related to Board activity.
  • Unfortunately, neither staff nor the Board can render a "pre-approval" opinion regarding a contemplated application. Only after an application has been submitted and the application fee paid can the process begin.
  • Laws specific to the board of Dentistry can be found here in the Montana Code. You will notice that the laws are relatively minimal, thus, further administrative rules are in place to implement these laws and the public safety role of the board. Those administrative rules can be found here.
  • Any application/license requiring review by the Board of Dentistry must be complete (all documents and required information received by the Board office) no later than 15 working days prior to the Board’s next meeting date. Staff makes every effort to assist you in meeting this deadline. Please click on the "Board Events" link on the left to see upcoming meeting dates or check the meeting dates in the right hand column on this webpage under "Board Events" and plan accordingly.
  • Please click on the following link Jurisprudence Exam to access the Jurisprudence Exam. This exam will also be sent to you upon submission of your application.
  • Based on an amendment in 2015 to the CE rule, all licensees three-year CE cycle started April 15, 2015. Therefore, the next random CE audit will be run after April 15, 2018 and then again in April 15, 2021. 10% each of active Dentists, Hygienists and Denturists will be audited. This percentage is subject to board modification. Maintain all records of your CE attendance in the event you are audited.
  • The board does have regulations related to assistants/auxiliaries, which can be found here: ARM 24.138.406 . While licenses are not currently provided assistants/auxiliaries, the Dentist under whom you are practicing is required to verify that your training complies with the board's rules.
  • Under ARM 24.138.508 , you must apply for a permit/endorsement from the board. Specific qualifications are listed in the rule. A prior out of state permission DOES NOT qualify you for a permit or endorsement in Montana.
  • Licenses under the board expire on March 1 of every year. In order to avoid a late fee, you must renew prior to March 1. Renewals can be accomplished online or via mail using the forms in the Form section of this website. Dentists must also submit a $306 renewal fee in addition to their renewal. Denturists must submit a $200 fee in addition to their renewal. Hygienists must submit a $140 fee in addition to their renewal.
  • Your license will enter a "lapsed" state. During this time, you may still renew your license within 45 days by submitting your renewal and paying applicable fees. If you do not renew within 45 days, your license is considered expired by the Department. You may still renew your license up to 2 years from the original date of renewal by submitting your renewal and paying any applicable fees and submitting continuing education requirements. After 2 years, you must re-apply for your license. You should endeavor to renew your license timely, by keeping your contact information current the Department may notify you of the upcoming renewal. Renewal is your responsibility.
  • You must submit a written request to the Board office to transition your license from Active to Inactive status. Inactive license fees can be found here.
  • What is the Montana Prescription Drug Registry (MPDR) and do I have to pay the yearly fee?
    MPDR was authorized by the Montana Legislature in 2011 (§ 37-7-15 Montana Code Annotated [MCA]) and became functional in November 2012 as an online tool to provide a list of controlled substance prescriptions to health care providers to improve patient care and safety. The program may also be used to identify potential misuse, abuse and/or diversion of controlled substances. Pursuant to legislation, which passed in 2019, all dental licensees (excluding inactive and suspended licensees) must pay the $30.00 MPDR fee. This requirement is regardless of your usage of your prescriptive authority, pursuant to your dental degree, for controlled substances.
  • The board has contracted with the Montana Professional Assistance Program (MPAP) to assist providers with a wide range of issues related to their practice. You do not need to be referred to the program to seek out help. If you have further questions, please reach out to MPAP directly at (406) 245-4300 or on their website: Montana Professional Assistance.
  • Does Montana accept manikin examinations for Dental and/or Dental Hygiene licensure examinations?

    Yes, the board accepts manikin-based exams as described in ARM 24.138.504.

  • We do not expedite processing. Montana's licensing division works very efficiently to process your license once all required documentation is submitted. We have statutory timelines to process your application; however, we generally exceed these requirements. Expediting an application delays other licensees and potentially creates a public safety issue. 
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