Montana Board of Dentistry

Board Members

Board members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.
Individual Board Members may be contacted by email at In your message please specify which board member you would like to contact. For additional contact information on board member terms, please visit the Governor's Office link for Board Members and Councils at

Allen Casteel, LD Presiding Officer, Denturist

Jill Frazier, D.D.S Vice Presiding Officer, Dentist

Jim Corson, Secretary, Public Member

Christopher Facundo, Public Member 

Roderick Griffeth, D.D.S, Dentist

Justin Hicks, D.M.D., Dentist

Robin Hogan, D.D.S., Dentist

Pareesa Kingery, R.D.H., Dental Hygienist

Renee Parsley Mulcahy, R.D.H., Dental Hygienist

Kyle Wassmer, D.D.S., Dentist

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