Montana Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors

Exam Information

  • All applicants for licensure as Professional Land Surveyor in Montana must pass a state-specific examination. Starting in June 2017, the Board began using a computer-based state-specific exam administered through ISO-Quality Testing, Inc. or “IQT.” (Website:

    IQT has testing centers across the United States, including locations in Montana and adjoining states. Please visit the IQT website for more information on testing locations.

    A new list of "sources for questions" has been created for this exam and is available for examinees to use in their pre-exam preparations. Click hereto access it.

    Once an applicant has been approved by the Board to sit for the Montana exam, the Board office will inform IQT, which then will make contact with the applicant and begin the registration process. The examinee then will coordinate with IQT regarding test date and location.

    Examinees will be informed of their results (pass/fail) by the Board following the exam.

  • All national examinations are administered by the NCEES Exam Administration Services. Please go to for information on current examination registration fees, registration deadlines and other information. Fees paid to NCEES for examination registration are separate from the examination application fee paid to the Board office. All applications for licensure by exam must be received at the Board office four weeks prior to a Board meeting to allow time for processing and potential Board review.

    NCEES deadlines may change as its paper-and-pencil exams are changed to computer-based format with multiple opportunities for exam-taking during the year. Please contact NCEES if you have questions about the exam you wish to take.

    All examination applicants are urged to submit their applications as early as possible to avoid delays in processing. If you are unsure about any instructions or procedures, e-mail the Board at:

  • Information regarding ADA accommodation requests is posted on the NCEES Web site:
  • Montana does not allow paper-and-pencil exams to be proctored in another state.
  • Re-Scheduling or Re-taking an Exam Administered by NCEES / Registering for an Additional PE...

    Re-Scheduling or Re-taking an Exam Administered by NCEES / Registering for an Additional PE Discipline Exam:

    If you need to re-schedule or re-take an exam that is administered by NCEES, please submit the Reexamination/Exam Reschedule/Additional Exam form. This form also will serve a currently licensed Professional Engineer who wishes to take a Principles & Practices of Engineering (PE) exam in an additional discipline (such as Structural Engineering.)

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