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Welcome to the Montana Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors

The Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors is pleased to provide relevant information pertaining to the licensing and regulation of professional engineers, professional land surveyors, engineer interns and land surveyor interns in Montana.
  • Be aware that there are scams that specifically target licensees.

    Fraudsters may pretend to be government employees, claiming that there is a problem with your professional license or that they have questions about your practice.

    In some cases they find publicly available license information, such as your name, and then call your place of business pretending to be licensing board staff, attempting to elicit personally identifiable information.

    Department of Labor and Industry employees will never threaten you for information or promise a benefit in exchange for personal information or money.

    We may call you in some situations, but will never do the following over the phone:

    • Threaten suspension or revocation of your license
    • Demand immediate payment from you
    • Require payment by cash, gift card, pre-paid debit card, internet currency, or wire transfer
    • Ask for personal details or banking information

    The following scenarios should raise suspicion:

    • A caller saying there is a problem with your professional or occupational license (licensing boards send renewal notices by mail and email)
    • Any call asking you to pay a fine or debt with retail gift cards, wire transfers, pre-paid debit cards, internet currency, or by mailing cash
    • A request to verify your social security number in its entirety over the phone

    Learn more about fraud prevention and reporting at

  • PE and PLS Comity applicants applying online at frequently contact the Board office to ask if they have to input information from their NCEES Record separately in the online application's "ASI" tables. The answer is "No." Once you have completed the required fields and answered the required questions, you can skip the optional ASI pages of the application and proceed directly to payment of fees. This will open your application and get it before a processing specialist more quickly. You then can go back at your leisure to upload the Board's experience documents (which are required, even with the NCEES Record) and the Board's Laws and Rules Questionnaire, after you've completed them. If you're still unsure about this, open the "Contact Us" Quick Link at the right and e-mail the Board office.
  • This is not a unified application for a single license.To be licensed as an Engineer-Surveyor (ES) in Montana, you must complete the applications for both:   

    *Professional Engineer

    *Professional Land Surveyor

    This means you must submit all required documentation for each license type. Each application will be reviewed separately and will be evaluated on its own merits.
    The Board reviews applications for ALL applicants seeking dual licensure as Professional Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor, including those who already have one license and are seeking the other; there are no exceptions. The Board also requests that applicants for dual licensure appear before the Board at the time their application(s) are reviewed.

  • All applicants for licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor must pass this exam. The Board uses a computer-based exam administered through ISO-Quality Testing, Inc. or “IQT.” (Website:

    IQT has testing centers across the United States, including Montana locations. Please visit the IQT website for more information on testing locations.

    A new list of "sources for questions" has been created for this exam and is available for examinees to use in their pre-exam preparations. Click here to access it.

    Once an applicant has been approved by the Board to sit for the Montana exam, the Board office will inform IQT, which then will make contact with the applicant and begin the registration process. The examinee then will coordinate with IQT regarding test date and location.

    Examinees will be informed of their results (pass/fail) by the Board following the exam.

  • To all Applicants: Make sure you are using the correct and current version of application forms

    At its May 2013 meeting, the Board directed the Department to only accept applications made on the most current application forms available. This is important since the 2015 Legislature amended statutes governing licensure and the Board made changes to its administrative rules in 2016. The applications on this website are updated regularly to reflect current statutes, rules and Board policies.

    Click here for some additional tips for applicants.

    If you have recently taken an exam administered by NCEES, Click here to learn about your “Next Steps.”

    Note: Hand-written applications may be returned by the Board as incomplete.

  • Engineer Interns and Land Surveyor Interns now must renew their certificates every two years by June 30. In November 2014, the board adopted new rules that made EI and LSI certificates valid for two years. The change also made those certificates renewable. If you are unsure of your certificate’s issue date, renewal date or status, visit and look up your certificate on the free Licensee Lookup service.


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