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  • Name changes must be requested in writing with documentation of the name change included (marriage license, divorce decree etc.). You can send this information to, fax to 406-841-2305 or mail to Montana Board of Chiropractors, 301 South Park, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513
  • You are solely responsible for deciding whether to apply for a license after reviewing our laws and statutes. The Board and its staff cannot tell you prior to applying whether or not you are eligible to receive a license without taking a specific portion of our required examinations. Montana maintains a substantial equivalency law, which requires us to issue a license if standards of you hold an active license in another state that is substantially equivalent to our (MT) standards at the time of application. Only after you submit the application and pay the fee can this determination be made. 


    Licensure of Out-of-State Applicants

    Licensure by Endorsement

    Last Updated 3/4/21
  • Please use the address change form located under the forms tab or the button at the top of this page  (or notify the board via fax or US mail). All licensees are required to notify the Board of an address change within 10 days. Last Updated 3/4/21
  • How do I obtain an official license verification from the Board and is there a fee for that service?

    An official verification must be requested in writing through the mail or by using the form found on the "Additional Licensee Information" tab of this website or the button below.  The fee for each official verification is $20.  

    Official Montana License Verification Request Form

    Last Updated 3/4/21
  • National Board exam scores must be sent directly from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) to the Montana Board of Chiropractors.

    Last Updated 3/4/21
  • If you are licensed in another state; or graduated from or were enrolled in a chiropractic college accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education on or before October 1, 1995 you are exempt from the bachelor degree requirement.


    Last Updated 3/4/21
  • Your bachelor's degree can be in any subject. Last Updated 3/4/21
  • The Montana Chiropractic Legal Panel reviews malpractice claims against health care providers prior to a complaint being filed in court. The Montana Chiropractic Legal Panel charges a fee to all actively licensed Montana chiropractors to fund the panel. For more information, see or contact 406-442-4141. Last Updated 3/4/21

    This site is a primary source for verification of license credentials.

    The Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Business Standards Division, presents Licensee Lookup information as a service to the public. The Division relies upon information provided by licensees to be true and correct, as required by statute. It is an act of unprofessional conduct for a licensee knowingly to provide erroneous information to the Division.

    The Department of Labor and Industry makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content of this website. Assessing the accuracy and reliability of information obtained from this website is solely the responsibility of the user. If you have questions regarding information found within this Licensee Lookup website, please contact the specific licensing board directly.

    Please note that some disciplinary actions against licensees may not appear immediately on the website. Appeals, effective dates of orders and other administrative processes may delay posting on the website. Please contact the specific licensing board directly if you require discipline information that occurred prior to July 1, 1996.

    Last Updated 3/4/21
  • Please complete the Intern Preceptor registration form and submit to the Board office as indicated at the top of the form. You can find the form under the "Forms" tab on this website or click on Intern/Preceptor Form Last Updated 3/4/21
  • The board attempts to refrain from involving itself in licensees business endeavors; however, due to prior incidents, the board does have some specific regulations regarding payment. Those should be reviewed by all licensees prior to structuring a new payment format. 

    The board and its staff cannot offer advice, interpretation, or legal determinations. Doing so would be providing you legal advice/counsel. It is the responsibility of licensees and members of the public to review the relevant statutes and rules to determine whether a specific practice is legal and/or what licenses are required to operate. If legal advice is needed, you may consult your own attorney.

    Last Updated 3/4/21
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