Montana Board of Respiratory Care Practitioners

Board Members

The Board consists of five members: three respiratory care practitioners, one respiratory care practitioner who specializes in pulmonary functions sleep studies, and one public member. See 2-15-1750 MCA. 

Board Members are appointed by the Governor with Senate confirmation. Members may serve two consecutive four year terms and may not be appointed within four years of completion of the second consecutive term. See 37-1-123 MCA. 

If you would like to contact an individual board member, please email Please specify which member you would like to contact and staff will relay your message. 

For additional information on Board Members, visit the Governor's Office webpage for Board Members and Councils at 

Vacant, Public Member  
Vacant, Respiratory Care Practitioner
Tony Miller, Respiratory Care Practitioner (Sleep studies specialist)
Brian Cayko, Respiratory Care Practitioner
Melissa Wells, Respiratory Care Practitioner
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