Montana Board of Massage Therapy


  • There are two ways to get an item or matter to the board for its consideration.  First, you may submit an item or matter in writing at least three days prior to the meeting to the Board of Massage Therapy via facsimile to: (406)841-2305; or via email to:; or via mail or hand-delivery to the following address:

    301 South Park 4th Floor
    PO Box 200513
    Helena MT  59620-0513

    If you do not submit your item or matter to the board in writing three days prior to the meeting, then you may show up at a board meeting and describe it to the board.  This can be done at the beginning of any meeting during a time that is called the “public comment period.”  The board can decide, at that time, whether to place your item or matter on a future agenda, but the board cannot take action on your item or matter on the same day that you describe it to the board during the public comment period.

  • Most, but not all, of the information on an application is public. If a request is received to access an application, a review is conducted to determine what information is not released to protect an individual's right of privacy. Social security numbers are an example of information that is not public.
  • Generally, the Board reviews applications that it has defined as non-routine.
  • For information about exemptions click this link.

  • Can a massage therapy student receive compensation (such as a fee, tip, or gratuity) for performing a massage?

    A massage therapy student  may practice the skills of massage therapy only when:

        1.   the student is enrolled in a board-approved program,

        2.   the practice is designated as a school-sanctioned activity, and

        3.   the practie is performed under the supervision of a licensed massage therapist.

    See ARM 24.155.301(5) and (6) for the definitions of "school-sanctioned" and "supervision" as these requirements must be met or the student may not practice the skills of massage therapy.  A student who is lawfully practicing the skills of massage therapy is not prohibited from receiving compensation.  It is not uncommon for the student's school to have a policy concerning this issue.

  • For a complete list of Frequesntly Asked Questions regarding the complaint process please view:
    Complaint Process FAQs
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