Montana State Electrical Board

Renewal Process

  1. The renewal deadline date (expiration date) for all Electricians is July 15 on even years.
  2. Renewal opens 60 days prior to your expiration date. We encourage you to renew your license early in the renewal cycle.
  3. Renewal fees for 2024 renewal cycle are abated 75%.
  4. Licensees must complete 16 hours of continuing education as outlined in ARM 24.225.2102.
  5. Hard card licenses are no longer printed and mailed to licensees. Licensees may download the license record on a mobile device and or print the license for physical carry. 
  6. Please note that our online system is available 24/7 during the renewal cycle however, there is no staff available to assist you after 5:00 p.m. Waiting until the last hours to renew could mean that there is no one available to assist you and this may cause your renewal to accrue late fees.    
  7. All Fees are Non-refundable.

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