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Military Spouse Application Information

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry, Business Standards Division, is committed to supporting and assisting military members and their spouses obtain professional and occupational licenses. We are dedicated to helping military families work and live in the great State of Montana.

To support professionally licensed military families, please find detailed information about the professional licensing process in the state of Montana and some tips on how to get licensed quickly.

  • Start your application early and online. Our online applications are the quickest way to apply, It may take some time for our Application processors to review your applications, documents, verifications, and license requirements. Applying before you move to Montana will help ensure all of the requirements for licensure are met and your license can be issued before you begin working in Montana. Last Updated 6/10/22
  • Keep licensing, education, employment, and other records handy, do not pack them away for the move. If you are moving, be sure to keep your important documents in an easy and convenient spot. If you are wondering what documentation, information, or requirements are needed for your desired Montana license, go to the board website, click on Forms tab on the left, click Licensing Application, and select which license you would like to apply for. A document will have all application and licensing requirements needed. Please reference the image below to help guide you. It is important to note that every licensing board’s website might look a little different.

    example of placement

    Last Updated 6/10/22
  • After you apply online, please be sure to use an active and convenient email address and watch your email for communication from your application processing team. Our team communicates via email. Whenever you fill out your application, please use an email address that is easily accessible and active for you. A quick response time will aid in a faster licensing process. Last Updated 6/10/22
  • We want to make sure that military spouses and families get the help and support that they need. Our customer service support staff is prepared to help you through your application and licensing process. If you need assistance, or have any questions please call 406-444-6880, or you can email customer service staff at DLIBSDHELP@MT.GOV . In your call or email, please make sure to tell our customer service representatives that you are a military spouse. They will ensure that you get the answers and assistance you need. Last Updated 6/10/22
  • Finally, we know that license verifications can be a time-consuming process. When applicable, our application processing team will help verify out-of-state licenses via online verification portals, if the verifying state has the information available. Please be sure to list the states that you already have an active professional license in. That information will help our application processing team verify your licenses, when possible. However, we understand that not every state is set up for online license verifications and they will have to be sent in the mail or through a formal request. If all other licensing requirements are met, we can issue a provisional license with a reservation of rights. This acts as an active, full license for 60 days. This allows the licensee to get to work, while we complete the license verification process. Last Updated 6/10/22
  • We are looking forward to having you and your family in Montana! Please reach out when needed. If you need assistance, help, or have any questions please call 406-444-6880, or you can email customer service staff at DLIBSDHELP@MT.GOV Last Updated 6/10/22
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