Montana Board of Architects and Landscape Architects


  • Architect:

    • NCARB Council Certificate submitted to the Board
    • If an applicant does not hold a current NCARB certificate shall under: [37-1-304, MCA] provide license verifications. Department staff may also ask for proof of education and/or passage of exams.

    Landscape Architect:

    • CLARB Council Record submitted to the Board office; OR
    • Official license verification from states and jurisdictions in which the applicant holds or has ever held a professional license of any type; AND
    • Verification of successful completion of the landscape architect registration examination (LARE).
  • Please use the address change form located on the button at the top of this page  (or notify the board via fax or US mail).

  • Name changes must be requested in writing with documentation of the name change included (marriage license, divorce decree etc.). You can send this information to, fax to 406-841-2305 or mail to Montana Board of Architects & Landscape Architects, 301 South Park, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513. Please include your license number on any correspondence.

  • The architect license expires June 30 and is renewed yearly.
    The landscape architect license expires June 30 and is renewed yearly.
  • You will have up to two years to renew and will need to pay the renewal fees and late fees before your license will terminate.  Once a license terminates you must reapply.  In addition to the renewal fee and late fees, expired architects must also verification of meeting continuing education requirement.
  • Your license will be terminated and you will need to apply for a new license if you intend to practice in Montana.
  • You can go directly to the Licensee Lookup System.  This site is a primary source for verification of licensed individual’s credentials.
  • You can download the Administrative Suspension FAQ's here
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