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Our office at 301 South Park Ave in Helena will reopen to the public on June 14th.

Our services are available through remote delivery.  We are available to assist customers through our online public portal at EBIZ.MT.GOV/POL (Professional and Occupational Licenses) and EBIZ.MT.GOV (for Permits). For other services, please contact us via email at DLIBSDWEBHELP@MT.GOV or by phone (406) 841-2300.

Welcome to the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine

Mission Statement: The mission of the Board of Veterinary Medicine is to protect the health, safety and well-being of Montana citizens through the regulation and oversight of veterinary medicine and the licensing of competent professionals. The board makes every effort to include relevant and current information pertaining to licensing and regulation on our website.  Please contact us if you need additional information, or to provide comments on how we can improve the website.
  • Note: This FAQ is specific to questions pertaining to the Board of Veterinary Medicine. For more general information that pertains to the entire Professional Licensing Bureau click on the link in the blue bar at the top of this page.

    • This COVID-19 FAQ covers the most frequently asked questions to date (telemedicine, applying for a license, licensing, sanitation, etc.).
    • Staff will continue to update the FAQ as new questions and new information become available. 
    • If you have a question on this topic we encourage you to review the FAQ before you attempt to contact staff directly.
    • If you have previously downloaded this FAQ we recommend you delete your cookies and browsing history to ensure you see the most current version of the FAQ. The current version is dated 5/4/20.
    • Note that due to COVID-19 emergency, all board meetings will be held by conference call until further notice. No outside participant or stakeholders will be allowed access in the building. If you wish to attend a board meeting you must attend by phone.
    • Even in normal years, graduation season is busy time for license application processing staff. The board recognizes that the current COVID-19 pandemic has created discord in the normal application, examination, and licensure process. We are striving to address these concerns and potential roadblocks as quickly as possible; however, please understand that this will not occur overnight. The board must continue its public safety mission while adapting to daily changes occurring from the pandemic. This will take time.
    • Applicants are encouraged to begin their application for licensure and to complete as much of the required information as possible.
    • Applications remain valid for one year under normal circumstances. If you submit your application and an item is missing, our licensing specialist will work with you to complete the application. We do not deny applicants for submitting an incomplete application. By completing the application’s remaining parts, exempting exams, etc., you can get ahead on the licensure process.
    • Online applications are the most efficient application method and allow you to upload your own supplemental forms directly into your application at any time.  Click Online Systemto create an account and begin your application. 
    • Paying the fee triggers the beginning of the staff review process. Be aware that to verify authenticity, some documents such as exam results, and transcripts must be sent to the department directly from the source and cannot be uploaded by the applicant.
    • Make sure your address and e-mail information are up-to-date. You can update your information at any time by logging into yourOnline Account
    • E-mail is the board's primary form of communication so a current e-mail helps ensure you stay current on board information.

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