Montana Board of Athletic Trainers


Statute/Rule Information

The Board of Athletic Trainers was established in 2007 to regulate the practice of and establish standards for Athletic Trainers in Montana.  Athletic Trainers should be aware of their obligations under Montana law and administrative rule.

The Montana Code Annotated (MCA) includes laws passed by the Legislature.  Professional and occupational licensing laws can be found in Title 37, Chapter 1, Part 3.  These statutes, known as the Uniform Regulatory Act, were passed in 1995.

Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) are often referred to as regulations.  The Board adopts administrative rules in order to administer laws over which the Legislature has given the Board authority.  Boards are required to follow a process known as the Montana Administrative Procedures Act when they notice or conduct meetings, propose new rules, or make changes to existing rules to ensure public participation.  The Board files a public notice in the Montana Administrative Register (MAR) on any proposed rule changes or new rules.  You can keep track of any rule changes by viewing MAR online or by contacting the Board office and requesting to be added to the Board’s interested parties list.  Those on the list receive notification of all meetings, rule notices, and legal announcements.

The Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) at this site contain what should be the same text as the official version published by the Office of the Secretary of State.  There is a possibility, however, that the content may vary from the official version.  In addition, the format has been changed for viewing on this website.  A copy of the official ARM in official format can be obtained from the ARM Bureau of the Office of the Secretary of State by emailing A web version of the ARM published by the Secretary of State can be

viewed at Secretary of State's Administrative Rules of Montana.

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