Montana Board of Realty Regulation

Timeshare Offering

In the State of Montana, a timeshare offering may not be advertised, offered, or sold in Montana unless it is registered in Montana.
  • All applicants must submit a State of Montana application.  The application must be complete and have an original signature. T he necessary verification and appropriate fees must accompany.  An incomplete application will be returned causing a delay in processing.
  • Initial Development Registration:  $500.00
    Amendment of registration:  $200.00
    1. File a completed application with the Montana Board of Realty Regulation.
    2. Provide a financial statement prepared according to GAAP that discloses the current financial condition of the developer.
    3. A statement disclosing any fees in excess of the stated price per unit to be charged to the purchaser.
    4. Copies of all timeshare instruments.
    5. A copy of the public offering statement provided for in 37-53-303.
    6. An irrevocable consent to service of process signed by the developer.
    7. Any documents actually filed with or actually complied in accordance with a rule of any agency of the US or any other state are acceptable alternatives to the documents required to be filed with an application.

    Amendment Application

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