Montana Board of Nursing

Board Events

Scheduled and Proposed Meetings 

Effective October 20, 2012 the official minutes are a recording of the meeting.  To listen to meeting discussions:

  • Open the time-stamped Agenda.  (Please note: Once the time-stamped, written Minutes are approved by the Board, they will replace the posted Agenda).   
  • Review the Agenda for the discussion topics you are interested in.
  • Open the Minutes (recording/audio file). 
  • After the audio file fully loads, move the slider bar to go to the time of the discussion and listen. 

The Board of Nursing schedules meetings quarterly to discuss Board Business and items of interest. Quarterly Board meetings are held in open form, and the public is encouraged to attend. The agenda for the meeting is posted online at least one week prior to the meeting. If you would like to request that an item be placed on a Board agenda, please contact the board at

The Screening Panel meets every 6 weeks to review complaints made to the Board. These meetings are generally not held in open forum and are closed to the public. If you would like further information regarding Screening Panel meetings, please contact the compliance department at (406) 841-2238 or

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