Montana Board of Medical Examiners

ECP Lead Instructor

In Montana the Lead Instructor is the local course coordinator designated by the Montana Board of Medical Examiners to coordinate ECP training. 

To be designated as a Lead Instructor you need only to attend a Lead Instructor Training Program. There is no registration cost to complete the online program.

You can access the Lead Instructor Training Program at

For instructions on how to log in, please click here.

  1. As of April 16, 2022 when MAR 24-156-92 (link adoption notice) is adopted, the Board will no longer offer the Alternative Written Exam for ECPs pursuing Montana licensure. The new licensure requirements are as follows:



 (1)  The board shall license an applicant as an ECP at the appropriate licensure level if the applicant:

               (a)  has successfully completed an ECP course of instruction at or above the level of requested licensure;

               (b)  possesses a current active or inactive NREMT certification equal to or greater than the level applied for or provides a current unrestricted substantially equivalent ECP license or certification in another state which has a complaint process;

               (c)  has obtained a high school diploma or equivalency; and

               (d)  is 18 years of age or older.

(2)  If an applicant is not eligible for certification by NREMT, the board or its designee may approve the applicant to undergo an assessment exam administered by NREMT and provide proof of passage to the department in lieu of a NREMT certification card.

The new Continued Competency Requirements are as follows:


                (1)  All licensed ECPs are required to complete continued competency requirements prior to their license expiration date.

               (2) Proof of completion shall be retained by the ECP and submitted to the Department upon request in one of the following forms:

                              (a) current active or inactive NREMT certification card; or

                              (b) a certificate of completion issued and signed by the lead instructor and/or medical director of the NREMT continued competency training requirements.

(3)  The lead instructor is responsible for the quality, consistency, and management of the continued competency training at the EMR and EMT levels and shall maintain records of all courses conducted including an agenda and detailed student performances that document the licensee's ability demonstrated during the training.

               (4)  The medical director is responsible for the quality, consistency, and management of the continued competency training at the EMT with endorsement(s), AEMT, and paramedic levels.  The medical director may assign duties as appropriate, but retains the overall responsibility for the training.

               (5)  All ECPs shall affirm understanding of their recurring duty to comply with continued competency requirements as part of license renewal.

               (a)  The ECP is responsible for maintaining documentation of completed continued competency training and their medical director's authorization/attestation of continued competence (including endorsement skills) on a board-approved form which shall be made available to the board upon request.

               (b)  The medical director may require the ECP to complete training to ensure competency of endorsement skills. 

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