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Informational & Listening Sessions for the Department’s Red Tape Relief Initiative

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry’s Business Standards Division (BSD) is holding a series of informational and listening sessions beginning this August 2022.

In connection with the Governor’s Red Tape Reduction Initiative, the Department is exploring new methods to work directly with stakeholders to bring effective reform regarding the way licensing is administered and maintained in Montana, with the goal to reduce regulations and costs to licensees. For more information about the Governor’s initiative click here.  

The Department is focusing on three primary areas of reform:

Restructuring Board Governance

  • Determine what professions are better managed as programs or through voluntary certification rather than investing in full board infrastructure
  • Review where multiple boards may be combined
  • Evaluate board composition for number of appointees, terms of service, qualifications, and conflicts of interest in addition to standardizing these processes across all boards to promote additional efficiencies

Modernizing Licensing Laws (Title 37 of Montana State Statutes)

  • Modernize and standardize language to reduce redundancies, ensure sound licensing practices, and remove obsolete language
  • Review legal-technical language to minimize unnecessary red tape

Increasing License Mobility and Processing Efficiency

  • Strengthen the Department's ability to recognize licenses issued in another state when those licensing requirements are substantially equal to Montana's requirements
  • Expand license exemptions for military spouses
  • Address licensing delays created by fingerprint background checks
  • Increase availability and duration of temporary licenses
  • Standardize continuing education

The Department conducted more than a dozen stakeholder surveys in June and July of 2022 that asked licensees and other stakeholders their thoughts about the proposed governance changes. The surveys are available to the public below.

The upcoming informational sessions will be held via teleconference and are designed to allow participants an opportunity to learn how licensing works in Montana and share their thoughts about how professional licensing administration and governance can be improved. You can share your comments before the meetings by using the comment form on this website. The presenter will address comments during the informational sessions. If you wish to provide comments, please explain a specific issue followed by your proposed solution.

The Department also has educational materials to help stakeholders and the public understand the mission of BSD’s licensing program, its governance structure, the process of getting licensed, and the scope of professional boards and its duties. These materials are found below under the education materials section.

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