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End-of-Life Registry

Montana's End-of-Life Registry stores advance health care directives in a secure computer database and makes these documents available to health care providers. Section 50-9-501 of the Montana Code Annotated authorizes Montana's Attorney General to create and maintain an End-of-Life Registry that:
• securely stores directives relating to life-sustaining treatment
• is accessible online
• provides immediate access to authorized health care providers Montana law defines a health care provider as a person who is licensed, certified or otherwise authorized by the laws of Montana to administer health care in the ordinary course of business or practice of a profession. This includes but is not limited to hospitals, doctors, skilled nursing facilities, nursing facilities, home health agencies, home health care providers, ambulatory surgery facilities and hospices.


Education and Training

PowerPoint Training Programs -

The provided Power Point presentation is a generic presentation developed for instructors.  It is not intended to be used as an independent study program and requires an instructor.

The instructors should modify the presentation to meet their student’s needs.  Instructor notes are attached to each slide to identify the purpose of the slide; blank slides have been included for the instructor’s convenience. 



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Kathryn Borgenicht MD
Phone: 406-414-2400

Linda Bierbach RN BS CHPN
Phone: 406-327-1831