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The Crane and Hoist Operator licensing program is moving to a new web address: The Professional Licensing Bureau will begin administrating license programs from the Building Codes Bureau beginning July 14, 2020. This change doesn’t impact you or your online services, you will now go to to access your online account.

Watch your email and mail for more information on the transfer and specific direction and instructions about your account.

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Welcome to the Montana Crane / Hoisting Operator Program

The Crane / Hoisting Operator Program makes every effort to include on this website all relevant information pertaining to the licensing and regulation of Crane / Hoisting Operators in Montana.

License Renewal

To renew your license online, please click on the link titled "Renew License" located in the upper right hand corner of the screen under Quick Links.  For assistance with online renewal, please see the instructions listed under the link labeled "Online Renewal Help", which can be accessed from the "Forms" tab on the left hand side of the screen.

To renew your license using a paper form, please click on the "Forms" tab located on the left hand side of your screen.  Then click on the link for "Paper Renewal Application"

Contact Information

Office Contact for Licensure:
Phone:  (406) 444-6880

Contact the State Crane License Inspector - Dan Hunter
Phone: (406) 461-2071

Note:  Inspector does not perform inspections on the crane itself.


None scheduled at this time

License Information

Please make a choice of the license types to the left

Crane/Hoisting Operator

It is unlawful for a person to operate any crane and hoist equipment, when used in hoisting or lowering personnel or material, that has a manufacturer's rating of more than 6 tons without first obtaining a license from the Department of Labor. This equipment includes overhead trolley and gantry cranes used in construction only and excludes equipment with excavation attachments or log loading equipment when in use.

The following outlines general licensing information. For specific information on filing an application, you will need to obtain the application which includes a detailed listing of the requirements.

A. Application Fees:

Third Class Crane Oiler
$60 Application Fee
$50 Renewal Fee
Rated size
Move truck cranes only
No experience or physical examination is required, age 18 or older and pass written examination.

Second Class Crane Operators
$100 Application Fee
$80 National Certification
Rated Size
Between 6 - 17.5 tons
Age 18 or older, 1 experience in the operation of equipment in this category, passage of a written exam and a practical exam* (if less than 1 year experience), and submit a current physical taken within the last 180 days of application.

*List of Crane Practical Exam Prep Courses*

First Class Crane Operators
$100 Application Fee
$80 National Certification
Rated Size
All classes of cranes and hoists.
Age 18 or older, from 1 year experience in the operation of equipment in this category, passage of a written exam and a practical exam* (if less than 1 year experience), and submit a current physical taken within the last 180 days of application.

B. Requirements: Passage of the exam and submit current physical

C. Examination Information: All classes of crane operators must obtain a 75% or higher to the pass examination.

D. Renewal Period: License expire one year after the date of issuance.

E. Renewal Fee: 1st and 2nd - $80, 3rd - $50

F. Physical Examination Report: The biennial physical examination report, or proof of passing an applicable physical examination shall be presented to the department every second renewal date after the original licensure date, and may not be dated more than 180 days prior to the renewal date of the license. DOT physicals accepted following same guidelines.

Download List of Licensees

License Download System

This service allows you to purchase complete lists of individuals, businesses, and contractors licensed with the State of Montana through the Business Standards Division.

Options include:

  • Creating a customized list of licensees by selecting board type, license type, license status, county, etc.;
  • Submitting payment for your list using a credit/debit card or registered user account
  • Downloading your list immediately, and if necessary, retrieving your list within 24-hours of purchase

Lookup Licensed Individual

Licensee Lookup System

This site is a primary source for verification of license credentials.

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Business Standards Division, presents Licensee Lookup information as a service to the public. The Division relies upon information provided by licensees to be true and correct, as required by statute. It is an act of unprofessional conduct for a licensee knowingly to provide erroneous information to the Division.

The Department of Labor and Industry makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content of this website. Assessing the accuracy and reliability of information obtained from this website is solely the responsibility of the user. If you have questions regarding information found within this Licensee Lookup website, please contact the specific licensing board directly.

Please note that some disciplinary actions against licensees may not appear immediately on the website. Appeals, effective dates of orders and other administrative processes may delay posting on the website. Please contact the specific licensing board directly if you require discipline information that occurred prior to July 1, 1996.

Statute/Rule Information

All of the Statutes and Rules listed here are applicable to this program.

Statutes are laws passed by the Legislature. All changes in statutes must go through the legislative process and be passed into law before they become effective. Title 37, Chapter 1, Part 3 is the Uniform Regulatory Act passed by the Legislature in 1995. All professional and occupational licensing is covered in these statutes.

Administrative Rules pertaining to Crane / Hoisting Operator Licensure are written and adopted by the Crane / Hoisting Operator Program. The Program writes rules in order to administer the laws over which the Legislature has given the Program authority. Rules can be changed by going through the rule-making procedure. They do not go through the Legislative process. The Crane / Hoisting Operator Program continuously reviews rules to determine needed changes.

The Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) at this site contain what should be the same text as the official version published by the Office of the Secretary of State. There is a possibility, however, that the content may vary from the official version. In addition, the format has been changed for viewing on this web site. A copy of the official ARM in official format can be obtained from the ARM Bureau of the Office of the Secretary of State, by calling (406) 444-2055. A web version of the ARM published by the Secretary of State can be viewed at Secretary of State's Administrative Rules of Montana.

Administrative Rules

Rules Notices

Click here to find rules notices older than one year at the Montana Secretary of State website.


In the matter of the amendment of ARM 24.101.402 definitions and the adoption of New Rule I applicants with criminal convictions

(published October 9, 2020)

(effective November 21,2020)


In the matter of the amendment of ARM 24.101.417 registration for out-of-state volunteer professionals

(published May 29, 2020)

(effective July 25, 2020)




Complaint Information

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry and Professional and Occupational Licensing Boards are charged with taking appropriate action for unprofessional, incompetent, or unlawful practice. To learn more about the complaint process or to file a complaint, please visit our Complaint Information page.

How to File a Complaint