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Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation in Montana, all Montana Department of Labor & Industry offices are closed to the public to protect the health and safety of our clients and staff.  Our services are available through remote delivery.  We are available to assist customers through our online public portal at EBIZ.MT.GOV/POL (Professional and Occupational Licenses) and EBIZ.MT.GOV (for Permits). For other services, please contact us via email at DLIBSDWEBHELP@MT.GOV or by phone (406) 841-2300.

Welcome to the Montana Board of Chiropractors!

The Board of Chiropractors makes every effort to include on this website all relevant and timely information regarding licensure and regulation of chiropractic practice in Montana.

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COVID-19/Current News:

(1) The audit percentage for 2020 Continuing Education (CE) cycle was set at 10% of active licensees. If you are selected, our Audit unit will contact you regarding compliance. Any questions related to the Audit should be directed to that unit, whose information can be found under the "Contact Information" tab to the left of this page. 

(2) Any Questions Related to Re-Opening, should be directed to the Governor's office, further information can be found on the Joint Information Center Website

Effective immediately: All board meetings will be held by conference call.  No outside participants or stakeholders will be allowed access in the building.  Please attend by phone.

(3) New Licensees/Applicants: The board recognizes that the current pandemic has created discord in the normal application, examination, and licensure process. We are striving to address these concerns and potential roadblocks as quickly as possible; however, please understand that this will not occur overnight. The board must continue its public safety mission while adapting to daily changes occurring from the pandemic. This will take time. For now, applicants are encouraged to begin their application for licensure and to complete as much of the required information as possible. Applications remain valid for one (1) year under normal circumstances. If you submit your application and an item is missing, our licensing specialist will work with you to complete the application. We do not deny applicants for submitting an incomplete application. By completing the application’s remaining parts, exempting exams, etc., you can get ahead on the licensure process.

The board is continuing to monitor the pandemic updates will be posted on the Business Standards Main Webpage, which is linked above.  Please make sure your e-mail is up to date in our licensing records using the change address form on the right side of this web-page or e-mailing the help desk at

(4) The Adoption Notice for MAR 24-126-37 was published on September 25, 2020 in the Register for the Secretary of State. You are urged to read these adopted changes  on the "Regulations-->Rule Notices" tab on the left side of this site. Changes include the board's New Rule I, which pertains to Dry Needling.

The primary communication method for the division is e-mail. Make sure your e-mail address is current in the database. Also keep your preferred mailing address current. You can update your e-mail and mailing address online or by clicking on the "Change Address" link under the "Quick Links" section of this website on the right hand sidebar. You are cautioned to notify the board office of your current contact information or risk having correspondence not delivered to you and your license administratively suspended without further notice or hearing. More information may be found on the FAQ tab.

For general questions, please feel free to contact the Board office at



Board Events

Board meetings are usually held twice a year, with interim meetings as needed. Meeting minutes (audio) are posted by the end of the next business day.

In general, Board meetings are open to the public. There are certain meetings or parts (Screening Panel and Executive Session), which are closed to the public.

Scheduled and Proposed Meetings

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Board Members

Board members are appointed by the Governor with Senate confirmation.
Members serve 3 year terms, and no member may be appointed for more than two consecutive terms.

Individual Board Members can be contacted by email at In your message please specify which board member you would like to contact. 

Marcus Nynas, DC, President- Professional Member -  Doctor of Chiropractic
Gregory Pisk, DC, Vice President- Professional Member - Doctor of Chiropractic
Julie Murack, DC, Secretary - Doctor of Chiropractic
VJ Maddio, DC - Doctor of Chiropractic
Sheryl Olson, Public Member

Contact Information

If you are already licensed, have applied for a license, are about to apply for a license, or are renewing your license from the Board of Chiropractors:

Professional Licensing Customer Service:

(406) 444-6880



If you have scope of practice questions or comments for the Board of Chiropractors, please contact the Executive Officer. Please note that the Board, nor its staff, can provide you legal advice.  This includes providing an answer as to whether a specific action is within your scope of practice. 

Kevin Bragg, Executive Officer

(406) 841-2390



If you have questions about continuing education:

(406) 444-5696



If you have questions about filing a complaint against a licensee:

(406) 841-2312




Mailing Address:

Board of Chiropractors

PO Box 200513

Helena, MT 59620-0513


Physical Address:

Board of Chiropractors

301 S. Park Avenue

4th Floor

Helena, MT 59620

Lookup Licensed Individual

Licensee Lookup System

This site is a primary source for verification of license credentials.

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Business Standards Division, presents Licensee Lookup information as a service to the public. The Division relies upon information provided by licensees to be true and correct, as required by statute. It is an act of unprofessional conduct for a licensee knowingly to provide erroneous information to the Division.

The Department of Labor and Industry makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content of this website. Assessing the accuracy and reliability of information obtained from this website is solely the responsibility of the user. If you have questions regarding information found within this Licensee Lookup website, please contact the specific licensing board directly.

Please note that some disciplinary actions against licensees may not appear immediately on the website. Appeals, effective dates of orders and other administrative processes may delay posting on the website. Please contact the specific licensing board directly if you require discipline information that occurred prior to July 1, 1996.



A. Chiropractor by Examination 

Application fee: $300.00
All Fees are non-refundable

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Degree from a school accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE).

Matriculation of chiropractic college after October 1, 1995 requires that the applicant have a bachelor's degree prior to application for licensure.

Matriculation of or enrollment in chiropractic college on or prior to October 1, 1995 or licensure in another state exempt the applicant from the bachelor's degree requirement.

Passage of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) Parts I, II, III, IV, and Physiotherapy
Passage of the Montana Chiropractic Jurisprudence Examination (this is an open book exam covering the statutes and rules)

B. Chiropractor by Endorsement
(Current and Active License in another state)

Application Fee: $300.00
All fees are non-refundable

Other state's requirements must be equivalent to Montana's as determined by the Board.

Passage of the Montana Chiropractic Jurisprudence Examination (this is an open book exam covering the statutes and rules pertaining to the practice of Chiropractic.  The examination is included with the application.)

C. Renewal Period
July 1 - Sept. 1
Late Renew Online for 45 days until Oct. 16

D. Renewal Fee
Active $200 / Inactive $100

E. Continuing Education Requirements
12 hours of continuing education each year. Four hours of ethics and boundaries every four years. Impairment evaluators must obtain an additional 4 hours of impairment evaluation specific continuing education every 4 years. No continuing education requirement for Temporary Permit or Preceptor Intern Permit holders.

Impairment Evaluator


Application Fee: $250.00
All Fees are Non-Refundable 


Passage of a board approved educational and training program relating to chiropractic orthopedics, impairment ratings, or similar course work from a Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) status chiropractic college or any other college or university approved by the board; or Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists.


Passage of exam related to board approved educational program with a minimum score of 75 percent.

Download List of Licensees

License Download System

This service allows you to purchase complete lists of individuals, businesses, and contractors licensed with the State of Montana through the Business Standards Division.

Options include:

  • Creating a customized list of licensees by selecting board type, license type, license status, county, etc.;
  • Submitting payment for your list using a credit/debit card or registered user account
  • Downloading your list immediately, and if necessary, retrieving your list within 24-hours of purchase

Temporary Permit

Temporary Permit
Only available to new graduates waiting to take Part IV of the National Board exams or applicants who are scheduled to take the SPEC exam.

Application Fee $300.00
Temporary Permit Fee: $100.00

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Degree from a CCE accredited Chiropractic College.

Passage of the Montana Chiropractic Jurisprudence Examination (this is an open book exam covering the statutes and rules pertaining to the practice of Chiropractic.  The examination is included with the application )

Permit holders must work under the on-premises supervision of a chiropractor licensed in the State of Montana.

Must submit a notarized statement, signed by both the applicant and the licensed chiropractor, consenting to the conditions set forth in the statutes and rules, for a temporary permit.

Statute/Rule Information

Statutes are laws passed by the Legislature. All changes in statutes must go through the legislative process and be passed into law before they become effective. Title 37, Chapter 1, Part 3 is the Uniform Regulatory Act passed by the Legislature in 1995. All professional and occupational licensing is covered in these statutes.

Administrative Rules pertaining to chiropractic practice are written and adopted by the Board of Chiropractors. The Board writes rules in order to administer the laws over which the Legislature has given the Board authority. Rules can be changed by going through the rule-making procedure. They do not go through the Legislative process. The Board of Chiropractors continuously reviews rules to determine needed changes.

The Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) at this site contain what should be the same text as the official version published by the Office of the Secretary of State. There is a possibility, however, that the content may vary from the official version. In addition, the format has been changed for viewing on this web site. A copy of the official ARM in official format can be obtained from the ARM Bureau of the Office of the Secretary of State, by emailing: . A web version of the ARM published by the Secretary of State can be viewed at Secretary of State's Administrative Rules of Montana.

Administrative Rules

Rule Notices

Click here to find rules notices older than one year at the Montana Secretary of State website.


In the matter of the amendment of ARM 24.101.402 definitions and the adoption of New Rule I applicants with criminal convictions

(published October 9, 2020)

(effective November 21,2020)


In the matter of the amendment of ARM 24.101.417 registration for out-of-state volunteer professionals

(published May 29, 2020)

(effective July 25, 2020)

MAR 24-126-37

In the matter of the amendment of ARM 24.126.2103 continuing education requirements, 24.126.2105 acceptable continuing education, and the adoption of New Rule I dry needling. The following adoption notice and rule changes proposed were effective as of September 26, 2020. 

MAR 24-126-37 Notice of Proposal 

Adoption Notice for MAR 24-126-37


Title 2 Chapter 15 Part 17 - Board of Chiropractors

Title 37 Chapter 12 - Chiropractic

Title 27 Chapter 12 - Civil Liability, Remedies, and Limitations Montana Chiropractic Legal Panel Act

Title 37 Chapter 2 - General Provisions Relating to Health Care Practitioners

Title 50 Chapter 15 - Vital Statistics

Title 50 Chapter 16 -Health Care Information


NOTICE: All completed forms or documentation should be uploaded in the online application portal or sent to Many of the paper forms on this site are out of date. 
License Application Forms
Renewal Forms
General Forms


The Montana Department of Labor & Industry and Professional and Occupational Licensing Boards are charged with taking appropriate action for unprofessional, incompetent, or unlawful practice. To learn more about the complaint process or to file a complaint, please visit our Complaint Information page.

How to File a Complaint

Continuing Education

Effective March 31, 2018, 12 hours of approved continuing education is required each year. See 24.126.2105    APPROVED CONTINUING EDUCATION. 4 hours of additional CE in ethics and boundaries every four years starting in 2017 with a random audit in 2021. Impairment evaluators must obtain an additional 4 hours of impairment evaluation specific continuing education every 4 years starting in 2015 with a random audit in 2019.           

As of September 2020, the Board no longer approves courses for continuing education. Acceptable continuing education (CE) must directly relate to the practice of chiropractic and be affiliated with or approved by:

  1.  national, regional, or state chiropractic associations;
  2.  state licensing boards;
  3.  academies;
  4.  colleges of chiropractic; or
  5.  the Federation of Chiropractic Licensure Board (FCLB) Providers of Approved Continuing Education (PACE).



Name changes must be requested in writing with documentation of the name change included (marriage license, divorce decree etc.). You can send this information to, fax to 406-841-2305 or mail to Montana Board of Chiropractors, 301 South Park, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 200513, Helena, MT 59620-0513